PRISM Real-time Data

  • Posted On: April 30, 2019

PRISM Provides Real-time Data Without the Problems

Our strategy eliminates polling issues and is the best solution for inconsistent network accessibility.

  • Centralized, Distributed, and Hybrid architecture to meet all your needs
  • Best-in-class software solutions
  • Stable consistent access

prism uptime stability hybrid architecture


Typical Problem 1 – Non-SAAS

With a non-SAAS setup all local POS machines use a scheduler to send data at a particular time to a Main server.

  • The problem with this setup is that the scheduling software sometimes breaks
  • POS stop sending data or try to send and fail
  • This causes an interruption in data collection and inconsistencies

problem one non-SAAS

Typical Problem 2 – SAAS

With a SAAS setup all local POS machines are dependent on the network to drive business.

  • The problem with this setup is that the connection sometimes breaks
    • POS can’t find the wi-fi or network and either stop or fail to send (static)
    • Network inconsistencies due to old infrastructure or spikes in demand

PRISM Provides the Most Stable Solution

Write Local with a dynamic connection to a Network.

  • The solution, whether you are using a Local or Cloud server is Retail Pro PRISM.
  • Every POS transaction is written Locally in real-time. If there is no connection, PRISM dynamically continues to connect until it succeeds.
  • No lost data, multiple redundancies
  • Speed + stability

prism solution local write network

PRISM Lowers Your Risk Profile

Redundancy and more stability

Contributors to a High Risk Profile

  • Older technologies
  • Badly built network architecture
  • Huge demands on the network

data prism real-time

Real-time Accurate Data

Managers can take advantage of PRISM Real-time Data because:

  • Data communication happens in real-time
  • Information comes in a fluid manner

Capture All Your Transactions without Polling!

Database Choice and Approach

Choose Your Database
Oracle or MySQL

  • Flexibility of deployment choices
  • Power performance
  • Cost controls
  • Scalable

network prism hybrid

Choose Your Deployment Approach

  • Centralized
  • Distributed
  • Hybrid

Prism’s flexible deployment options translate to faster performance, scalability, and allow for seamless integration with existing Retail Pro 9 and ERP platforms.

IMS Solutions – PRISM Real-time Data

To recap:
PRISM can either write Locally and then connect to either Local or Cloud server, or both. PRISM allows you the flexibility to accommodate all situations.

  • No lost data
  • Speed
  • Multiple redundancies
  • Stability

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