Planning for Retail Pro and Retail Pro 9 End of Life

  • Posted On: February 27, 2019

Important Software Announcement:

What’s Happening?

On July 1st, 2019 Retail Pro plans on moving v8 and v9 to “end of life” status for sales to new customers.

calendar end of life retail pro

retail pro current sa end of life v8 v9

What’s It Mean?

  • Customers who are current on their Retail Pro v8 and/or v9 SA will be able to buy additional seats and /or sites.
  • Customers current on their Retail Pro v9 SA will continue to have access to select updates for the foreseeable future.
    E.G., critical PCI related updates
  • It is anticipated that no Retail Pro v8 updates will take place after the end of life date.

What Should I Do?

Get current on your Retail Pro SA! If you are not current, please contact us as soon as possible.

Our team is here to make sure your investment in Retail Pro is optimized for today and tomorrow

Call Your Sales Account Manger or 1-800-882-0627

Benefits of Being Current on SA

Retail Pro Level 3 technical supportRetail Pro TV training and informational videos Retail Pro Prism

  • Eligible for Retail Pro Level 3 technical support
  • Access to bug fixes and updates (including essential security, safety and other compliance updates – in a “restricted maintenance” fashion)
  • Access to (including over 1,600 Retail Pro TV training and informational videos)
  • Discounted rates on Training Credits and other workshops
  • Lab System license
  • A migration path Retail Pro Prism

integration bug fixes retail pro v8 v9 end of lifeDo You Have Questions?

We have answers.

  • Worried about Plugins and Integrations?
  • Future updates and bug fixes?

Give our team a call and we’ll go through Retail Pro’s extensive frequently asked questions with you. We can tell you what’s going to be available to you now and after the End of Life date set by Retail Pro.

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