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  • Posted On: June 25, 2019

IMS Complete Venue including world-class software solutions for…

What you have now

The Traditional, Expensive, Time Consuming Approach

Business line software requires additional systems and integrations from each system to a rewards systems and data warehouse and BI tool.

  1. Ticketing system <-integrate
  2. Retail pos system <-integrate
  3. F&B system <-integrate
  4. Rewards system <-integrate
  5. Data warehouse <-integrate
  6. BI tool <-integrate

spaghetti model pos integration


The IMS Complete Venue is Completely Integrated System

Unlike single POS systems, IMS systems are unified. This enables unrivaled customer bundling, reward, and engagement across systems, and access to all the data and insight these systems provide. No one else can offer anything close to what the IMS Complete Venue can. Best-of-breed systems, system integration, rewards, and enterprise-wide insights now delivered out-of-the-box!


Retail Merchandise Operations: Retail Pro POS

(Full integration with STADIS)

  • Lightweight yet robust
  • Full inventory management capabilities
  • Integrated e-commerce capabilities
  • Scalable for any size organization
  • P2PE options

eMobile POS

(Full integration with STADIS)

emobile pos

  • Lightweight yet robust
  • Full food/menu costing and inventory capabilities
  • Receipt sharing
  • Full menu modifiers
  • Tableside ordering/payment
  • P2PE options

STADIS Rewards and STADIS Data Warehouse

Integrated with multiple ticketing systems

• Robust stored value and item rewards capabilities

• Full Data Warehouse capabilities

  • Real-time data feeds from Ticketing, Retail Pro, eMobile POS
  • All STADIS and Non-STADIS tenders (cash/credit card receipts)
  • Real-time Enterprise data visibility, dashboards and reporting
  • Full customer information
  • Full Receipt/transaction information

Business Intelligence

(Full integration with STADIS)

  • Visualize data to speed understanding and impact
  • Benchmark customers and transaction size
  • Know which promotions and rewards drive more action
  • Identify sales by location and time
  • Get alerts and notifications for any deviation
  • Dashboards and analysis delivered via email
  • Create new dashboards and analysis on the fly with natural language

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IMS is a technology services company that has been serving the Retail Industry for over 25 years. While we specialize in serving small/medium businesses, we have also completed projects on some of the world’s biggest stages. We help businesses efficiently manage operations by improving processes, implementing unique and comprehensive integrations, and providing additional sources of data intelligence. We believe that by providing businesses with the tools, technology and insights needed to gather and analyze their data more effectively, we can help them create a competitive advantage.

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