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  • Posted On: October 26, 2020

Today, many small and medium business owners are tasked with wearing just about every hat in the store. They are responsible for managing Employees, HR, Accounting, Buying, Merchandising, and on top of it all, IT. In the past, much of this had to be managed through on-site servers which required management, maintenance, power, and cooling. Scaling or upgrading this storage by purchasing more hardware is costly, and often confusing for retailers who don’t happen to have expertise in IT management. Luckily, for retailers still struggling with these concerns, IMS Cloud Hosting provides a simple and effective solution that will help retailers scale evolve alongside the constantly changing landscape.

The Problem with On-Premise Server Resources

Managing the applications needed to run a business through on-site servers can ultimately lead to lost time, expenses, and even costly user errors. Furthermore, large, one-off projects can clutter backends, only to become irrelevant once the project ends. It’s next to impossible for franchisees, vendors, small businesses, or the average retailer to simultaneously manage a business, while also sorting and analyzing its data. Ultimately this uphill battle can leave smaller retailers in the clutches of a data deficit.

What is IMS Cloud Hosting?

IMS is an MSP (Managed Service Provider,) that allows retailers to utilize cloud servers to manage their resources and data. Cloud hosting has evolved alongside the development of faster networks and security standards, meaning the cloud today provides an easier and cheaper way to move application workloads off of company servers than ever before. IMS provides secure, lightning-fast cloud hosting services, designed to free up managers, and help you scale. However, where IMS differentiates itself from other MSPs is in its ability to help craft the ideal hosting solution for each and every business we work with. Easily add or subtract storage quickly, build a custom hosting solution based on your business's storage needs, and leverage the experience, insights, and expertise of our team to effectively scale hardware management.

Benefits of Data Hosting

Leveraging IMS Cloud Hosting can ultimately improve a number of facets within your business.

1. Highly Secure

The last thing a retailer or vendor wants to worry about is data security. Your backend stores things like passwords, client assets, payments, and even personal information. Utilizing a tested, comprehensive database that sits on the cutting edge of cyber security brings peace of mind that all this information is safe and secure. At IMS, we take security one step further, implementing multi-factor authentication, secure administration and user access, OS patch management and updates, and anti-virus, malware protection, to ensure your information stays protected.

2. Cost-Effective

Upgrading on-site server processors, memory, and storage are expensive, time-consuming, and difficult. However, adding more resources to your cloud is simple, cost-effective, and requires no additional hardware management. This means businesses can expand or reduce their backend storage to match their current business needs in hours, not weeks.

3. Robust

Today, businesses and staff members share content through a number of mediums. Establishing and utilizing a single channel for all of your information provides easy, universal access between every department and team member. Pull order history up on a smartphone from the sales floor, or easily reference company data during a client report; cloud hosting saves time and keeps your business moving efficiently.

Product Spotlight: IMS Cloud Hosting

Working remotely for the time being? No problem. You can ensure that every member of your team has fast, secure access to your key applications, reports, and essential information instantly, and on any device. IMS Cloud Hosting allows retailers to leverage the experience, knowledge, and servers of the IMS team, and rely on us for critical task management including patch management, OS updates and upgrades, security protection, and managing your network. IMS Cloud Hosting can also be used to live-transfer Retail Pro software application workloads from onsite servers and workstations to the cloud, or to merge software operations, and free up resources.

Invest in Cloud Hosting

IMS takes a custom, information-based approach to every business we work with. Our team strives to bring a scalable, secure, and high-performance IT environment for your team to work in. We also optimize each of our cloud hosting services to best compliment your strategy and initiatives. Meanwhile, our support team leverages live data to ensure your documents and information are always readily available and secure. We work with each and every business to develop a cloud hosting package that best addresses their current storage requirements, while also offering flexible upgrade options to ensure scalability for your data hosting. Reach out today, and let’s talk about how our data hosting solutions can improve your business operations.

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IMS is a technology services company that has been serving the Retail Industry for over 25 years. While we specialize in serving small/medium businesses, we have also completed projects on some of the world’s biggest stages. We help businesses efficiently manage operations by improving processes, implementing unique and comprehensive integrations, and providing additional sources of data intelligence. We believe that by providing businesses with the tools, technology and insights needed to gather and analyze their data more effectively, we can help them create a competitive advantage.

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