The Building Blocks of Customer Intimacy

  • Posted On: June 28, 2017

As customers/fans gain more control and power through personal technologies, they will demand that they, not your product, become your focus. The days of depending on your product, or for sports, their on-field product, to carry the day and maintain long-term customer loyalty and spending are long gone. Ask any customer/fan and they’ll tell you most retailers/teams and venues deliver an experience that is lacking in personal relevancy and intimacy.

Customers/Fans have deep emotional relationships with their favorite teams/retailers. The following chart highlights the building-block nature of how relationships are built.

As with any relationship, it must be a reciprocal, two-way relationship to last over an extended period of time. As we all know, infatuation may be fun, but it is fleeting.

So how do you create experiences that are personal and are intimate? Experiences that are truly awesome? We believe the following matrix provides guidance.

Understand the customer/fan journey and then surprise and delight them by creating relevant engagement and experiences in real-time. When you create these experiences based on their actions right at the “moment of truth”, you will create the emotional meaning, connections, and memories that deepen relationships and lifetime value.

Are your systems ready to deliver the real-time engagement and management function your customers and fans are demanding?

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