Retail Pro Prism Cloud Hosting

  • Posted On: January 26, 2022

Transitioning your Retail Pro server point-of-authority/main to the IMS cloud has never been easier, safer, or smarter.

Retail Pro Prism - Optimized for the Cloud

Retail Pro Prism is built for the cloud. With Point-of Authority (POA)/Main database flexibility of either Oracle or MySql, and a browser-based POS that can run in either a Windows or iOS environment, along with the option of adding either an Oracle/MySql database redundancy for Windows at POS, you have maximum flexibility to run your omni-channel business from the cloud.

Why The IMS Cloud?

Speed, scalability, accessibility, security, redundancy, disaster recovery, managed hosted environment, experience. The IMS cloud allows you to completely run your business from the cloud, letting you focus your energies and efforts on being a retailer.

Benefits of Data Hosting with IMS

Leveraging IMS Cloud Hosting can ultimately improve a number of facets within your business.

1. Speed

Effectively allocate whatever resources needed to run all your retail essential applications. Confidently know you can easily scale up as your business and resource needs grow.

2. Scalability

The IMS Cloud lets you easily scale up resources for Retail Pro. Your resources can grow as you grow. Try that with your physical server.


Access your Retail Pro POA and from anywhere, anytime. Critical when needing to access critical insights and capabilities to run a real-time business. No limit on number of users who can access your POA.

4. Security

Dual-factor authentication. User defined application access. 24/7 anti-virus, anti-malware. Firewalls. VPNs. Constant network and power monitoring of your cloud environment. Single thread licensing. Retail Pro in the IMS cloud is the most secure server environment, anywhere.

5. Redundancy

The IMS Cloud offers real-time fail over with a near zero Recovery Point Objective (RPO). 3rd party vaulted backups are optional. And with Retail Pro Prism’s unique database replication at POS, you get redundancy at the server and POS level. And real-time data access and communication when your network is up.

6. Disaster Recovery

When your requirements demand it, the IMS Cloud can also offer you disaster recovery in addition to real-time failover. Having access to multiple data centers throughout the US and internationally, and the latest far-line data center replication technologies, the IMS Cloud disaster recovery options can meet the Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) that meet your business needs (These can be adjusted to support your specific SLA requirements).

7. Managed Hosted Environment

Unlike other large scale cloud providers, the IMS Cloud is not an Infrastructure-as-a- Service offering, leaving you to manage the day-to-day operations of your cloud environment. IMS can provide OS and Application updates and patch management, along with security and network monitoring, at the server level.

Re-allocate precious resources from day-to-day onsite IT and infrastructure management to business operations and revenue driving activities.

8. Experience

IMS has been active in large scale cloud activities, including hosting and developing applications, for years. Working with clients of all sizes, you can feel confident in knowing IMS has the knowledge and insights to help you craft the optimal cloud first strategies and implementations.

Invest in Cloud Hosting

IMS takes a custom, insight-driven approach to every business we work with. Our team strives to bring a scalable, secure, and high-performance IT environment for your team to work in. We also optimize each of our cloud hosting services to best compliment your strategy and initiatives. Meanwhile, our reporting and BI Solutions can leverage your live data to ensure your documents and information are readily available and secure.

Contact IMS to learn how IMS Cloud Services can help you navigate the new retail landscape.


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