Introducing eMobile POS

  • Posted On: June 28, 2017

IMS is now offering eMobile POS to our portfolio of unique systems and services. A full-function Mobile POS and inventory management solution able to run on Apple, Android, or Windows mobile and tablet devices, eMobile separates itself from the field through its unique approach to multi-channel partner integration and commerce empowerment.

eMobile POS is a cloud-based POS solution, eliminating the need to purchase and maintain additional server hardware and software. Additionally, eMobile POS is Software as a Service (SaaS), allowing for unique and flexible full and partial plan software pricing to accommodate any number of permanent or temporary Pop-Up POS deployment situations.

Unique to eMobile POS is its capability as a collaborative Mobile POS solution, integrating seamlessly with a number of legacy POS and ERP systems including:

  • Retail Pro
  • QuickBooks
  • Microsoft RMS and AX
  • SAP
  • Demandware
  • Oracle

These integrations provide a number of benefits including:

  • Extending legacy POS systems
  • Leveraging existing POS system inventory management capabilities, history and reporting
  • Line busting
  • Pop-Up store-location flexibility
  • Replacing typical cash box-apron installations like Concession hawkers
  • Automating parking lot payments

eMobile POS also integrates with STADIS© allowing for even greater customer engagement and incremental revenue generation opportunities.

Contact IMS today to learn how eMobile POS can help you extend and grow your business.

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