IMS and Retail Pro Prism

  • Posted On: November 1, 2018
Retail Pro Prism

Robust Yet Flexible and Lightweight

Retail Pro Prism is the next generation in user-driven retail POS. Lightweight enough to allow any operating system and hardware deployment, yet stable enough to handle online or offline workloads.

  • Flexible enough for a single store
  • Various high profile cultural and sporting venues and events
  • IMS and Retail Pro can provide your next-generation retail solution, available today.

Retail Pro is a Platform, Not Product

Retail Pro Prism Platform Omni-channel

Omni-channel and Modular Flexibility

A retailer’s business needs should determine their hardware and software environments – not the other way around.

Any Environment: OS or Hardware

Benefits as a Platform:

  • Transform shopper experiences
  • Add mobility
  • Freedom from venue/location limitations
  • Workflow flexibility

Benefits of Modular Platform

You decide which modules are deployed across your environments

  • Reap full benefits of consistent UX across platforms
  • Faster and easier to train new staff
  • Workflows optimized for our specific use needs
  • Full functionality where and when you need it.

UI, Security, and APIs

Prism’s Customizable UI

Looks and is used just like your current business process and brand, without compromises.

Security Redefined

  • Secure access
  • Secure communication
  • Secure data encryption
    • Secure Communication
    • Secure Data
    • Secure Payments Methods


  • Multiple APIs are available for localizations, customizations, and integration efforts.
  • REST API – custom applications
  • UI API – user interface and interaction
  • Communication API – integrations for non-user interactions
  • Server API – server-level integrations
Retail Pro Prism ticket tender

Database Choice and Approach

Choose Your Database

  • Oracle or MySQL
    • Flexibility of deployment choices
    • Power performance
    • Cost controls
    • Scalable

Choose Your Deployment Approach

  • Centralized
  • Distributed
  • Hybrid

Prism’s flexible deployment options translate to faster performance, scalability, and allow for seamless integration with existing Retail Pro 9 and ERP platforms.

Prism Database Deployment

Improve Decision-making in Real-time

React instantly to your business needs. Gaining immediate access to precise data you need from across the enterprise will help you and your organization improve decision-making.

Benefits of Real-Time

  • BENCHMARKING – Benchmark location performance to determine where to focus your efforts
  • DISCOUNT MANAGEMENT – Optimize markdown timing and amount to maximize profit and inventory turn
  • SEASONAL OR EVENT INSIGHTS – Use seasonal inventory and sales patterns to predict and act on growth opportunities
Prism Real-Time Analytics

Real-time data taking you from observation to action

With stores and systems in multiple locations across the region or globe, you need flexible analytics software that will allow you to empower each store or territory manager to act on local factors when planning strategically.

Managers can take advantage of Retail Pro Decisions to uncover patterns in their locations’ sales, inventory, and margins – and take steps to optimize their processes and operations. Analyze and compare to tease out strengths and signals to drive faster decisions and value.

One unified view to manage critical areas of your business, such as:

  • Inventory
  • Profit margin
  • Product performance
  • Points of Sale
  • Financials
  • Benchmarking
  • Locations
  • Systems
  • Sales People
Retail Pro Prism Data Dashboards
Retail Pro Prism Benefits
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