The Cashless Customer Experience

  • Posted On: June 28, 2017

Disney is launching an RFID based customer wristband identifier called MyMagic+. The application of this technology allows customers to easily access the park, pay for items, receive reminders, and if desired, allow Disney characters to engage with you on a personal, intimate level. This Computerworld article provides more clarity on the execution. Of interest to IMS is how Disney Parks & Resorts chairman Tom Staggs describes the opportunity as “transformational”.  Disney knows that if they offer an experience that:

  • Is more relevant
  • Offers a deeper sense of belonging
  • Provides more personal reward, surprise, and acknowledgment

They will see customers spend more money today and over their lifetime relationship with Disney.

The foundation of delivering this more relevant, personal experience is grounded in customer-specific data. The more customers feel that they can receive relevant and personal rewards and acknowledgment, the more engaged they become,  the more personal information they’ll share.

This is an example of an extremely integrated approach to customer relationship and experience management. IMS’s own STADIS© Advanced Promotions and Data Integration Platform provides a technology backbone allowing for the delivery of different value types,  information, and the tracking and capture of customer-specific purchase data. While not a gate access system, STADIS© has integrations with numerous ticketing vendors such as TicketMaster,, Paciolan, Veritex, and Ticket Return, which as a solution, provides gate access, value access, and redemption, and data tracking and delivery through any one or multiple customer scannable identifiers (e.g., barcode, RFID, smartcard, mobile device, etc).

What are your plans for providing a transformational experience through deeper and more relevant customer engagement? We’d love to know.

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