Pop-Up POS. Now’s The Time.

  • Posted On: June 28, 2017

While Pop-Up retail stores are not new, what is new is the strategic approach to driving multiple benefits through Pop-Up retail. Pop-Ups originated as a way to take advantage of 2 main business drivers; seasonal selling and open/cheap real-estate. Quite often found in existing mall space, Pop-Ups provided multiple benefits to multiple audiences. For the mall operator, it was an opportunity to generate cash-flow from empty space. For the retailer, it was an opportunity to drive incremental revenue from seasonal or hard-to-reach geographic demand. For the shopper, it was an opportunity to gain access to fresh merchandise previously difficult to come by.

Today, the Pop-Up store presents a more strategic opportunity to engage with target shoppers and expand your brand’s space and relevance. According to Wharton marketing professor Barbara E. Kahn, Pop-Ups create something “New, fun, something different.” And Spire Research and Consulting sees Pop-Up stores taking the retail world by storm. A sampling of strategic drivers include:

  • Capturing new, incremental sales at margin
  • Selling new experiences vs. just products
  • Targeting niche audiences or geographies previously difficult to reach
  • Merchandise expansion and evolution
  • Item, brand, or category focus
  • Brick and Mortar or e-commerce expansion and intensification
  • Brand expansion
  • Audience relevancy

As Pop-Ups provide a more strategic opportunity to expand your brand, integrating Pop-Up POS systems into your existing day-to-day POS systems becomes business mission-critical. To address this strategic need, IMS has partnered with eMobile POS Software and Retail Pro to offer a flexible solution. You can implement eMobile as a stand-alone solution, providing full inventory management features and functionality, or implement eMobile POS integrated with your existing Retail Pro system for more robust inventory control, system of record, and reporting needs.

Either IMS solution enables complete Pop-Up connectivity and POS system benefits through our unique combination of hardware, software, and systems integration. You now have the freedom and power to set up your Pop-Up stores to maximize your selling and branding vs. being held hostage by limited and restricted wireless access. Key Solution Features include:

  • eMobile’s unique online or offline mode
  • Optional Ethernet Connection (If Available)
  • Tablet-based (Android or Apple) Mobile POS
  • Integrated MSR/Barcode Reader
  • Optional Receipt Printer and Cash Drawer
  • Seamless integration with Retail Pro (As Needed)

Get ready for your holiday selling season. Contact us to discuss your needs and options.

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